GAIN EQUALIZERS Designer’s Kit, DC to 20 GHz


Mini-Circuits’ model K1-ZEQ24+ Gain Equalizers Designer’s Kit contains seven coaxial gain equalizers, each with a 50-Ω bandwidth of DC to 20 GHz and different attenuation slopes from 1 to 11 dB. All models are rated for 1 W (+30 dBm) or more input power and typical VSWR of 1.30:1 from DC to 18 GHz, the RoHS-compliant gain equalizers feature insertion-loss slopes that decrease with increasing frequency at different rates. For example, model ZEQ-1-24K+ has typical insertion loss of 3.05 dB at DC, 3.00 dB at 5 GHz, and 1.90 dB at 20 GHz, while model ZEQ-7-24+ has loss of 9.10 dB at DC, 8.30 dB at 5 GHz, and 1.75 dB at 20 GHz. For the highest low-frequency loss, model ZEQ-11-24+ has typical loss of 13.45 dB at DC, 10.90 dB at 5 GHz, and 2.60 dB at 20 GHz. All seven equalizers feature rugged unibody construction with male and female 2.92-mm connectors and small form factor of 0.80 x 0.56 in.


• Wide Bandwidth DC-20 GHz, 50Ω
• Input power 30 to 33 dBm max.
• 1 to 11 dB attenuation slope
• 2.92 Male and Female connectors
• Small form-factor 0.80”x0.56”
• Rugged Unibody construction
• Low cost
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