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18 dB SMT Fixed Slope Equalizer, 6000 - 18000 MHz



• 18 dB Slope
• Insertion Loss, 20.4 dB Typ. at 6 GHz
• Insertion Loss, 2.2 dB Typ. at 18 GHz
• Return Loss, 20 dB Typ.
• Small Package 3 x 3 mm MCLP


Mini-Circuits’ EQY-18-24+ is a MMIC Gain Equalizer fabricated using highly repeatable GaAs IPD MMIC process incorporating resistors, capacitors, and inductors to accomplish a positive Insertion Loss Slope vs. Frequency. EQY-18-24+ has a nominal Insertion Loss Slope of 18 dB across the wide bandwidth of 6 to 18 GHz and can be applied to compensate for the negative Gain Slope of amplifiers to achieve relative Gain Flatness for the overall system. It is packaged in a tiny 3x3mm, 16-lead MCLP package.

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