Product Overview
TC4-13TX+ is a surface-mount, DC-isolated transformer with a center-tap on its secondary winding, covering
the 100 to 1000 MHz band. This model provides a 4:1 secondary/primary impedance ratio, 0.6 dB
insertion loss, 0.5 dB amplitude unbalance (in 1 dB bandwidth) and 9° phase unbalance. It features core
and wire construction mounted on a 5-lead plastic base with tin over nickel termination finish. It measures
0.15 x 0.15 x 0.16”, easily accommodating dense circuit board layouts, and features Mini-Circuits’ Top
Hat® feature for faster, more accurate pick-and-place assembly.
• wideband, 100 to 1000 MHz
• DC isolated up to 1000 MHz
• good return loss
• excellent amplitude unbalance, 0.5 dB typ.
in 1 dB bandwidth
• plastic base with leads