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Discover Mini-Circuits' RF Test Solutions Now up to 67 GHz! All the RF Test Solutions you'll ever need!

Software-controlled building blocks in-stock for automation of lab and production test environments, custom test solutions.

Full Software support including free user-friendly GUI, API and programming instructions.

Switching, attenuation, distribution, signal source, amplification, sensing, measurement and more

RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI

Software Controlled Building Blocks and RF Interface Units

RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI

Custom Test Systems

RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI

Test Accessories

RF Test Solutions


Every test application is unique. At Mini-Circuits, our wealth of components in stock allows us to take a building-block approach to developing systems that meet the specific needs of each test setup. From off-the-shelf components and modules to turnkey custom builds, our solutions give you all the functions you need with the flexibility to scale and modify your stack as your needs evolve over time.

  • Wide variety of components in stock
    from DC to 67 GHz
  • Off-the-shelf, DIY kits, modular and custom options
  • Flexible hardware, software and firmware
  • Expand and reconfigure as your needs change


When you work with Mini-Circuits to expand your test setup, you’re getting the assurance that comes with 50+ years of quality management experience. All our test solutions come fully tested and characterized by our team in house, and meet the rigorous standards that have earned the industry’s trust since 1968.

  • All components and assembled systems tested and characterized in-house
  • Rugged designs for demanding lab and production environments
  • Award-winning quality excellence


Most high-end test equipment comes at a heavy premium for dozens of advanced features that many users don’t need. Mini-Circuits test solutions give you the high-performance and functionality you need to get more out of your test setup without the heavy capital expenditures.

  • Get more functionality and capacity out of your existing instrumentation
  • High-performance custom systems without breaking the bank
  • Save cost on extra features you don’t need


We know the turnaround time on custom test equipment directly affects your time to market. That’s why we put the full capability of our manufacturing and supply chain organizations behind our test solutions to make speed a competitive advantage. Mini-Circuits offers some of the fasted turnaround times on custom test equipment in the industry.

  • Wide selection of models in stock for immediate shipment
  • Modular systems for quick, user-defined configuration
  • Established process for custom designs refined over hundreds of successful projects

All your needs in one place

Mini-Circuits offers an extended portfolio of Test Solutions for all your RF needs and includes full software support, free user-friendly GUI, API and programming instructions.

Our porfolio includes:

  • Modular Test Systems
  • Mechanical Switch Matrix
  • Solid Sate Switch Matrix
  • Programmable Attenuators
  • Mesh Network Test Systems
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • NxM Switch Matrix
  • Signal Generation, Measurement & Control solutions
  • High Power Test Systems
  • Panel Mounted Structures
  • Signal Distribution solutions
  • Custome Systems designs
  • Test accessories

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