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RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI

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At Mini-Circuits, our experience in the test space has evolved according to the needs of our customers, following a progression from test accessories like cables, adapters, and attenuators, to benchtop programmable test modules, to modular and fully customized rack-mountable systems. The diversity of customer test requirements has led us to build our business in this area around principles ofcompetence, flexibility, and speed.Customers are looking to the industry to partner with them to define the test solution for their needs. This requires the competence and expertise of our applications engineers to understand customers’ needs and develop a clear system definition. 

RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI

Our Product Range

Modular & Custom Test Systems

RF Modular Test Systems
The choice is yours!​
  • Rack mount or benchtop
  • Customizable front panel layout
  • USB & Ethernet control Interfaces
  • User-friendly GUI & API included
  • Get these in 2 weeks or less!

Mechanical Switch Matrix

RF Mechanical Switch Matrix

A wide range of configurations for signal routing up to 40 GHz!​

  • Compact benchtop modules and rack-mount systems​
  • SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, and transfer switch configurations
  • USB and Ethernet control options
  • User-friendly GUI & API included
  • High isolation

Solid State Switch Matrix

RF Solid State Switch Matrix

Fast switching and high isolation for improved efficiency

  • Compact switch modules and custom rack mount switch matrices
  • Many combinations of SPDT, SP4T, SP8T, SP10T, and SP16T switch configurations
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Unique designs achieve high isolation
  • User-friendly GUI and API included

Programmable Attenuators

RF Programmable Attenuators

Precise level control perfect for transmission loss simulation, signal fading/handover system evaluation, telecoms network infrastructure, and more!

  • Supporting applications up to 40 GHz
  • USB, Ethernet, RS232, and SPI control options
  • User-friendly GUI and API included

Mesh Network Test Systems

RF Mesh Network Test Systems

Multi-port networks for interconnecting 3 to n devices or test systems

  • Allows simulation of “real-world” mesh communication network in production environment
  • Independently controlled attenuation on every path
  • Ideal for testing Bluetooth and Zigbee devices, wireless handsets, and Wi-Fi systems

Instrumentation Amplifiers

RF Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Large Selection of Modules
  • Custom Integration
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Rugged Construction

N x M Switch Matrix

RF NxM Switch Matrix

Reliable and repeatable signal routing with USB and Ethernet control. Ideal for multi-channel / MIMO test systems, cellular base-station / handset testing, satcoms signal routing, and more.

  • 19-inch rack mount chassis
  • USB and Ethernet standard control interfaces
  • Custom switch configurations built to order
  • User-friendly GUI and API included

Signal Generation Measurement & Control

RF Signal Generation/Measurement/Control
Benchtop devices for RF test and measurement applications
  • Custom Integration
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Rugged Construction

High Power Test Systems

RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI

Mini-Circuits HPA-Series amplifiers can be used to drive 80 test channels in a configuration similar to that shown here. This setup is popular for use in high-throughput production testing applications where parallel processing of many DUTs is a requirement.

Panel Mounted Structures

RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI

Simplify connections and cable management in complex test racks

  • 19 inch rack mount panel
  • Custom configurations of adapters and splitters

Signal Distribution

RF Signal Distribution

Splitter/combiner and direction coupler arrays for distribution of test signals through multiple channels

  • Rack-mounted, panel-mounted, or benchtop structures
  • Wide range of splitter configurations
  • Wideband splitters up to 65 GHz

Custom Systems

RF Test Solutions | Mini-Circuits | MCDI
  • Typical 8-weeks turnaround
  • 100% RF Tested with Labview based automated test program
  • Custom GUI with path control functions
  • Rugged construction

Test Accesories

RF Test Accessories

Mini-Circuits Test Accessories provide you with the peace of mind you deserve: Tight spot SMA Wrench, precise portable and durable, calibrated precise, lightweight break-over Torque Wrench, N-Type, BNC – TNC and SMA connector Gage kits.


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