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Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ BW-30N100W+ is a 30 dB coaxial precision fixed attenuator providing high-power handling of up to 100W over the DC to 6 GHz frequency range. This model supports many high-power applica- tions requiring precise attenuation over a broad frequency range including high-power measurement, matching, instrumentation, and more. It

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Product Overview The Mini-Circuits ZCDC16-5R263-S+ wideband directional coupler offers exceptional performance operating over 0.5 to 26.5 GHz. This coupler has excellent coupling flatness, good directivity, and power handling. It is ideal for lab testing applications as well as for power monitoring over wide bands, among other applications.

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Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ SYBDC-15-13HP+ surface mount bi-directional coupler provides high power handling up to 10W and low mainline loss of 0.75 dB or better for applications from 100 to 1000 MHz. The coupler features core and wire construction mounted on an 8-lead printed laminate base with wraparound termi- nations for

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