JSW2-63VHDRG+ Product Features • High Power, 2.5W at 2 GHz • Low insertion loss, 0.4 dB typ. at 3 GHz • High IIP3, 75 dBm typ. from 100-6000 MHz • Low current consumption, 120 µA typ. • Immune to latch up Data Sheet Contact us
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TSS-13LN+ TSS-13LN+ (RoHS compliant) is an advanced wideband amplifier with shutdown feature. It is fabricated using E-PHEMT technology and offers extremely high dynamic range over a broad frequency range and with low noise figure. In addition, the TSS-13LN+ has good input and output return loss over a broad frequency range.
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ZDPL-6588-75-F+ ZDPL-6588-75-F+ is a high performance diplexer with the lowpass port at 5-65 MHz and highpass port at 88-1700 MHz. Excellent return loss over extended frequency combined with high out of channel rejection makes it a ideal component in DOCSIS 3.1 test equipments, cable TV and multiband radio systems. Features
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ZN8PD-272SMP+ Mini-Circuits’ ZN8PD-272SMP+ is an 8-way 0˚ splitter/combiner supporting a wide variety of applications from 690 to 2750 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 10W RF input power as a splitter and provides low insertion loss, high isolation, low amplitude unbalance, and low phase unbalance. It comes
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ZCDC13-5R263-S+ The Mini-Circuits ZCDC13-5R263-S+ wideband directional coupler offers exceptional performance operating over 0.5 to 26.5 GHz. This coupler has excellent coupling flatness, good directivity, and power handling. It is ideal for lab testing applications as well as for power monitoring over wide bands, among other applications. Features • Wide frequency
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ZAPDQ-4+ Features • wideband, 2000 to 4200 MHz • low insertion loss, 0.4 dB typ. • good isolation, 22 dB typ. • rugged shielded case Data Sheet Contact us
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ZHL-4240X+ Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-4240+ is a medium-power connectorized amplifier supporting a wide range of applications from 600 to 4200 MHz, such as test instrumentation, SatCom, and mobile communications systems, including those operating in the new telecom Band 71 allocation (617 to 698 MHz). This model provides +31 dBm output power at
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RC-2SP6T-26 Mini-Circuits’ RC-2SP6T-26 comprises a pair of independently controlled, electro-mechanical SP6T switches. Each switch operates over an extremely wide bandwidth, from DC to 26.5 GHz with high isolation and low insertion loss. The absorptive switches are of a failsafe and break-before-make-configuration, with a minimum lifetime of 2 million switching cycles
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086-12BM+ 086-BM+ series Hand-Flex™ coaxial cables are ideal for interconnecting coaxial components and sub-assemblies in a wide range of systems, including communications, military and aerospace, environmental test chambers and more. The hand-formable cable provides a minimum bend radius of 6mm to accommodate tight layouts without the need for bending tools,
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