RF Amplifiers


Broadband, state-of-the-art selection offering outstanding performance up to 26.5 GHz!

RF Power Splitters


The industry’s largest selection with THOUSANDS of models from DC to 26.5 GHz!

RF Filters

Over 300 models in stock for a wide range of applications from DC to 15 GHz!

Frequency Synthesizers


Over 130 standard catalog synthesizers meeting the needs of engineers for a wide range of systems and applications from 160 to 7800 MHz!

For functions including signal source and amplification, routing, distribution, signal fading control, power measurement and more

Over 300 models for virtually any application from DC up to 40 GHz!

Over 260 models with rugged construction and repeatable performance from 0.15 to 8000 MHz!

More mixer models that meet more needs than all other mixer manufacturers combined from 500 Hz to 20 GHz!


Rugged, flexible interconnect cables for easy layout in sub-systems; precision test cables from DC to 40 GHz!

Over 475 low-cost models to choose from with power handling from 0.5 to 250W, covering 5 kHz to 18 GHz!

Over 800 low-noise & wideband models from 3 MHz to 7 GHz!