Multi-Channel Attenuator


• SMA connectors (front & rear) • 1U height

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VLFX-950+ Mini-Circuits' VLFX-950+ is a coaxial low pass filter with a passband from DC to 950 MHz, supporting a wide range of applications from harmonic rejection to lab use and more.  This model provides 1.1 dB passband insertion loss, 40 dB stopband rejection up to 20000 MHz with fast roll-off in
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141-6BM+ Product Overview 141-BM+ series Hand-Flex™ coaxial cables are ideal for interconnecting coaxial components and sub-assemblies in a wide range of systems, including communications, military and aerospace, environmental test chambers and more. The hand-formable cable provides a minimum bend radius of 8mm to accommodate tight layouts without the need for
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Ez Samples

EZ SAMPLE NOW ITS EASY, FAST & FREE Try it before you buy it. Sample Mini-Circuits components for free! EZ-Sample is Mini-Circuits’ free sample request program for RF components to support your product validation efforts and help you make an informed decision at no cost. Over 1300 models available to

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MSP8T-12D+ Mini-Circuits’ MSP8T-12D+ is an ultra-reliable, rugged-duty reflective fail-safe SP8T switch designed in breakbefore-make configuration. Its patented switch design comprised of very few frictionless moving parts which enable  repeatable and optimum performance. Powered by +24VDC, the device has a typical switching speed of 20 milliseconds, insertion loss of 0.4 dB
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HPA-100W-63+ Mini-Circuits’ rugged, rack mount HPA-100W-63+ is the perfect workhorse amplifier for your high power test applications such as EMI, reliability testing, and stress testing. This model provides 100W output power over the 2500 to 6000 MHz frequency range with 50 dB gain, ±2.0 gain flatness, and 93 dB reverse
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MSP2TA-26-12+ Mini-Circuits’ MSP2TA Series are ultra-reliable, rugged-duty absorptive fail-safe SP2T switches designed in breakbefore-make configuration offering an Ultra long switching life. Powered by +12VDC, the device has a typical switching speed of 20 milliseconds, insertion loss of 0.25 dB and high isolation of 80 dB. The MSP2TA Series are suitable for use across
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