Surface Mount - Gross-Leak-Sealed Metal Package Low Pass Filter, DC - 2300 MHz, 50Ω


Mini-Circuits’ Gross-Leak-Sealed Metal Package filters offer low insertion loss and wide stop band in a very small form factor. Bandpass and Low pass designs use these construction technique. Small package size combined with sharp roll-off and excellent rejection characteristics make these filters ideal for military or other high performance applications. The product line is standardized by design and package to provide engineers with filters that ideally suit their high performance requirement. All our Gross-leak-sealed metal package filters are built with durable construction. Excellent repeatability across units is achieved through precise tuning and process control. All our Gross-leak-sealed metal package filters can be modified to meet fine-leak specification.


• Low passband IL , 2.0 dB typ.
• Fast Rejection roll-off
• Excellent rejection floor, 70 dB typ.
• Wider stopband performance up to 6GHz
• Good Return loss, 12.7 dB typ.
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