Mini-Circuits’ rugged, rack mount HPA-100W-63+ is the perfect workhorse amplifier for your high power test applications such as EMI, reliability testing, and stress testing. This model provides 100W output power over the 2500 to 6000 MHz frequency range with 50 dB gain, ±2.0 gain flatness, and 93 dB reverse isolation. It operates on AC line supply power from 85-264V, making it easy to use in most lab environments. Built-in safety features include over-temperature protection, fan alarms, and immunity to open and short loads at saturated output power. Combined with our high-power, wideband splitters, the amplifier can be used to drive up to 80 test channels at once, saving you test time and cost in high-throughput test applications like burn-in, where parallel processing of many DUTs is a requirement.
• High output power at saturation, 100W typ.
• High gain, 58 dB typ.
• Excellent reverse isolation, 93 dB typ.
• Rugged 3U rack mount case style with internal fans
• Operates from AC line power: 85-264V
• Built-in over-temperature protections

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