Product Overview
Mini-Circuits SYM-R252HW+ is a surface mount, level 17 Schottky-diode-based triple balanced frequency
mixer with an RF/LO frequency range from 10 to 2500 MHz and an IF bandwidth of 10 to 500 MHz. This
model utilizes hermetically sealed ceramic quads to provide high reliability for use in harsh operating
conditions. It provides an outstanding combination of low conversion loss, high IP3, and excellent L-R
and L-I isolation. The mixer comes housed in a miniature shielded package (0.38 x 0.50 x 0.23”), saving
space in tight PCB layouts.
• wideband, 10 to 2500 MHz
• good L-R isolation, 40 dB typ.
• good L-I isolation, 40 dB typ.
• high IP3, 23 dBm typ.
• hermetically sealed ceramic quad