The RSN-795AF-119+ is a Frequency Synthesizer, designed to operate from 760.6 to
795.4 MHz for GSM application. The RSN-795AF-119+ is packaged in a metal case (size
of 0.910″ x 0.910″ x 0.252″) to shield against unwanted signals and noise.The RSN-795AF-
119+ Frequency Synthesizer can be used as local oscillators in the upconversion and
down-conversion sections of wireless receivers and transmitters, with very high reliability
over temperature changes due to use of high quality components which are secured to
substrate with chip adhesive in addition to solder
• Fractional N synthesizer
• Fast settling time, 0.03 msec max
• Low phase noise and spurious
• High reliability over temperature changes
• Low operating voltage (VCC VCO=+5.5V, VCC PLL=+3.3V
VCC CP=+5.0V)
• Small size 0.910″ x 0.910″ x 0.252″