The KSND-1099N-119+ is a Dual Frequency Synthesizer, designed to operate at fixed frequency 160.5 MHz and at frequency range 1073.8 to 1098.8 MHz for navigation systems application. The KSND1099N-119+ is packaged in a metal case (size of 0.800″ x 0.584″ x 0.154″) to shield against unwanted signals and noise. To enhance the robustness of KSND-1099N-119+, each internal component is secured to the substrate with chip bonder, thereby eliminating the risk of tombstoning during subsequent solder reflow operations by the customer.
• Dual frequency • Integrated VCO + PLL
• Low phase noise and spurious
• Robust design and construction
• Low operating voltage (VCC VCO RF/ VCO IF/PLL=+3.0V)
• Small size 0.800″ x 0.584″ x 0.154″